Transient Dockage Per Foot

Daily 49’ and Under


Daily 50’ and Over


Holiday/Tournament pricing: $2.25/ft/night boat length or slip length, whichever is greater. Rates apply to Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and any hosted fishing tournament. 48 hours to cancel or modify reservation prior to start of reservations during holidays and tournaments.



Utilities Per Cord

30 Amp


50 Amp


100 Amp



Monthly Dockage Per Foot (LOA)

Annual Monthly

$17.80  (Liveaboard add $100 first person, $50 each additional)

Rate is calculated based on length of boat or length of slip, whichever is greater.




Seasonal Monthly


*Annual Customers may qualify for trip rent!*

Full 30 days declared in writing before trip starts to qualify

A trip may be extended and have additional months qualify but the extension MUST be given to the office in writing before completion of the last 30 days declared.

 Qualified EX:  Declared gone Jan 1 to Feb 1.

On Jan 25th, they emailed to declared new return date of March 1.  The second month WILL get trip rate.

Non- qualified:   Declared Jan 1 to Feb 1.  On feb 5th the boat still not back and they called/wrote to say that they would be gone until March 1st.  This WILL NOT qualify for a second month of trip rate.  30 days notice was not received.  The slip was not available for another 30 transient reservation.

No partial months will qualify.

Trip rent will be credited to account after each 30 days is completed. Power already paid will be refunded.

Utilities Per Cord

30 Amp:

Up to 45’


46’ to 60’


Over 60’


50 Amp:

Up to 45’


46’ to 60’


Over 60’


100 Amp:

Up to 45’


46’ to 60’


Over 60’



Additional Monthly Fees – Optional